Question Looking for GPU upgrade to M70AD-NR001S

Jun 27, 2021
Hello, I am considering buying a new computer since this pc (prebuilt, bought as a whole computer from the shop) is quite old. A worker at a computer store looked at my computer and told me that I am better off buying a new computer. His reasons for this conclusion was that:
  1. it will be a hassle to find a replacement for my current PSU (300W)
  2. my motherboard does not have the correct PSU pin connection (differs in cable structure) that the modern GPUs require and that it would be a hassle to work around it with adapters and potentially that there could be a hazard of fire due to my weak system not having the capacity to manage power-hungry high-end components
  3. current GPU price inflation
So his conclusion was basically that my computer was built in such a way that it is limiting in how much one can customize the hardware setup and therefore it is more efficient (money and time) to just buy a new PC.

My question, before giving up completely on upgrading my darling is:
- Are there any purchasable GPUs that are compatible with my motherboard but significantly better than my current GT 630 that (fits with my current motherboard's pin-connection) I can just simply plug in?

The goal is to be able to play high-res games.
Thanks in advance


No. The primary issue is going to be your power supply. Since it's only 300 watts:
  1. It doesn't have the necessary power for a higher-end graphics card.
  2. It doesn't have the necessary PCIE power cables that higher-end graphic cards require.
From what it sounds like, you're not going to be able to just swap out the power supply either. It sounds like the system manufacturer used a proprietary power supply and motherboard. The main power pin-outs don't match the standards.

Yet another issue is that this is possibly the worst time to be trying to upgrade the graphic performance of a computer. Due to chip shortages, COVID, scalpers and miners, the cost for mid to high-end cards has exploded through the roof.

You might be able to find a decent, pre-built system that includes a moderate graphics card, but it all boils down to your budget.

-Wolf sends


He would be right, the size of the PSU is a standard ATX but the pinouts of the motherboard/PSU is propertairy. You are also limited by BIOS support on CPU/RAM/GPU upgrades, I've always been a fan of ASUS products but this particular one is a 💩.

GPU upgrades are limited to what the PCI can output " 75W" as said with GPU prices being stupid even cards like a 1030 GT are more than MSRP when they came out. :unsure: The case even has oddball panel wiring so reusing that isn't so easy to work around if your trying to swap out a modern motherboard and PSU.