Looking for some recommendation for building new PC


Apr 24, 2008
hello everyone

i am currently getting parts for new pc

well atm i already decide parts i am going to use
case : silverstone fortress FT02BW
power suppy : corsair AX750
cpu : intel i7 950
memory : corsair DDR3 CMT/CMP
VGA : gigabyte radeon5850
hdd : some WD caviar black (still waiting abit more for moving to SSD)
audio : asus xonar d2x

now i just need some recommendation for good mobo

my current candidate is :
ASUS P6T deluxe v2
Asus P6X58 premium
Asus Rampage III formula
Asus P6T6 WS Revolution (if my store have it)
Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5

which one is the best from above ?
or if you have better recommendation please let me know
budget for mobo is up to $380

PS: i not stay in us... so i cant order from shop like newegg that have good price

thanks in advance

just feel want to share abit my story...
just few a week ago my XPS730 stop working...
it happen when power drop then UPS took giving the power
suddenly on shutdown process... there something like short circuit sound from PSU...
but it didn't cut the power, but crash everything... even main power button didnt responding...
so i force turn off the pc from the ups

after the power back, i tried to turn on the pc again, but it wont
the PSU got LED indicator that usually lite, i see now it not on... so i suspect the psu gone bad
so few days later i go to local pc shop and get corsair AX750

i know dell using propietary 10pins for MasterBoardController, even everything else is just same like standard ATX ... then when i boot the PC ... it show no BIOS POST, which seems BIOS also get screwed when the PSU gone bad

thats what DELL is... my first and last DELL... for me no more DELL
its kinda sucks, because my XPS730 is come with Q9550 which still good enough, it should be better if i build new PC next year when sandy bridge released
but since i need PC for now, i had to build it then

what is sucks is my XPS730 only last like 2years! ... even before the PSU the VGA (9800GT) gone bad, well maybe due nvidia faulty chips...
and thats such bad PSU that didnt have protection works....
i paid XPS730 almost $3000 for junk quality...
usually i build pc myself, and never got problem except some hdd issue
maybe its just my bad luck, but for desktop, building yourself lots better


Apr 24, 2008
do you think might the that VGA that broken ?

when power up,
FAN up with 100% rotation
mobo led showing FF
(its foxcon nvidia 790 ultra SLI, just like zotac/xfx 790i ultra mobo)

the keyboard no sign input (pressing num lock and caps lock but no respons)

no bip sounds from mobo (it bips if i unplugs vga though)


Dec 13, 2008
One key consideration is the OS you intend to install.

For example, the GA-X58A-UD5 has a connector for a floppy disk drive:
which you'll need if you want to load XP's ICH10R device drivers
using F6 during Windows Setup.

The Windows Setup disc for XP is hard-coded to look for those
device drivers on a floppy drive!

I haven't looked closely at each of the ASUS motherboards you listed,
but I do know that some those ASUS X58 motherboards
do not have a floppy drive connector.