Looking for specific transformer on an Eaton 5PX 2200

Feb 6, 2019
I have an out of warranty Eaton 5PX 2200 UPS that got zapped by some water. The only physical damage that can be seen is on a circuit card where it is very clear 3 components were affected. I desoldered the faulty components and am looking for a small (about 1 inch square) black and yellow transformer with 4 leads on the bottom that solder to the circuit card:

DDV-130-1 CLASS B (130*C)
E145301 LION LC 1617

Advice on where to find this? Is it possibly a common component in other less expensive used UPS that I could buy to part out? I found a popped capacitor and 4 bad switches. The lil transformer is the last thing needed to resurrect this UPS.
You need to do a lot more research than a simple part number. It's quite possible this transformer is custom-built for Eaton, and they are the only one who can get it

While it's not impossible - try to draw an electrical schematic how this transformer connects to the other parts. It could be isolation transformer in the "hot" side of the circuit - one responsible for generating the output voltae while on battery, or it could be on the "cold" side, responsible to battery charging, it could be high-frequency transformer in the switching PSU - it could be many things. If you can measure resistance between the leads, and you get something, this might help as well.

I would ask Eaton directly whether they can provide the complete board, as a spare part.