Looking to Upgrade intel Processor to get more out of my build very clueless on the matter any help would be appreciated

Feb 4, 2019
My build is as follows:
MSI B250M Bazooka motherboard
Intel I5 7400 processor
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 8GB
4x DDR 4GB memory sticks
600w power supply
1024 GB hardrive space
Link to pre built:https://www.amazon.com/CYBERPOWERPC-GXiVR8020A2-Desktop-i5-7400-802-11AC/dp/B01NBL8BER
ive added two 4gb ddr4 ram sticks and GTX 1080 to that build everything else is the same

That's about all i know very clueless on the matter if you need any more info i can figure it out

Looking to upgrade to a better intel processor wanting to spend around 400
Any suggestions,help, advice would be greatly appreciated i know pretty much nothing about this.

I think the fastest CPU you can go with, with that MB is an i7-7700K.
You will get a pretty big boost in speed.
It will run your 1080 a lot better.
I also think you might not need to upgrade your BIOS.
You can get a used one on EBay for about $300.
I might also look at upgrading your PSU if ir's a no name or a cheap one.