Looking to upgrade my Computer a bit.

Tir McDoul

Feb 28, 2015
Hello I'm running currently 8GB of DDR3 ram and that isn't cutting it anymore. While I did build the system myself I will freely admit that was the only time I have done such and most just went with the advice of people I had met on Newegg chat. That's the main thing I need to upgrade and I would like to go the full Monty to 32GB. If reasonably priced I would also like to add a SSD and people think any other upgrades necessary to ensure I'm not bottle-necking. (Or if it would be better/cheaper to just build a new rig).

Anyway my setup is

Intel Core i5 3570k Ivy Bridge @ 3.40GHz
ASRock Z777 Extreme4
AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series

I don't really do a large amount of High Power Gaming but do I like when I do for it to be at good quality. However I ham a huge multitasker often having 20+ websites open along 10+ pdf Reference books, a couple of chats, a word program, music and often a few other things.

Also am currently using just 1 monitor and would like to expand to 2 or 3. Don't know if I need to do any other changes to my setup to get that working.


For gaming, you'll want as fast a card as the i5-3570k can keep up with. Usually that is the GTX 1060 or RX-580. But lately I have been experimenting with a GTX 1070 on my i5-3570 (non-k) rig. So far, minimal to no bottleneck. But that will vary by game, settings, and screen rez. If high quality gfx are more important to you than fps you may want to go with the GTX 1070 too. Or Vega 56.

For all the apps you keep open at the same time, you definetly want as much RAM as the board will handle. Go for the full Monty.

If you don't already have a SSD, by all means go for it if funds still allow. You'll have to decide how large depending on how much is on your HDD unless you want to start over and do a clean install.