Question Losing GPU within 5-10 sec after game has finished loading ?

Ehsanul Hoque

Jun 19, 2017
Hi, I am facing some issue with my gpu. What happen is if I start my computer and dont put the gpu in any kind of work, doesnt matter how long, evrything will work fine, games will run without any issues. But if I put gpu to work after start up like playing youtube video in chrome even for 5 min and start a game, i lose my gpu/monitor. It doesnt happens on the title screen of any game, only happens after the loading is done and ready to play. And it will happen within 5-10 seconds. If it doesnt then i will not face any issue. If i close that game and open another one that will wok fine too. But if I close the game and do some other things, watch some videos on browser and start the same/other game again it will definitely crash.

Like for apex, it happens after getting into the lobby, i can stay at the first screen where you can select server for ages without any problem. For transport fever 2 or any other offline games, it happens after game loading is done and I'm ready to move my mouse to play. (same 5-10 sec window). Now what happens in there is I lose my display. It gives a solid color depending on the game. Like black, white, purple, gray, blueish(not the same as blue death) etc. No error code. At same moment sounds will shutter for a sec or two, then those sounds will keep running smoothly. If I wait for a minute then I wiil be able to hear windows plug in sound. Only way to fix this is few restarts. One restart and start the game without putting gpu on work doesnt works after that. It happens with some gpu intensive softwares too. Like those image ai upscaling softwares.

I always have latest driver, so tried ddu to install an old one, didnt helped. Reset windows neither. Clean windows fixed it, for a while, but facing same issue again. After that i installed msi after burner to minitor gpu loads and seemed like installing that softwared fixed the problem. Then a windows update came in, After letting it get installed facing same issue again. Now Could it be a driver issue? Or the PSU is faulty? Or its the motherboard? to be mentioned this motherboard had some kind of short problem few months ago, had to get it fixed from a repair shop, and the Gpu issue didnt started at the same time. And I didn't found any overheating issue with afterburner. Everything looks normal.

My Configs are:

Cpu: Intel Core I7 4790K (Never overclocked, running @4.4Ghz with intel turbo boost)
Cooler: Cryorig H5
Motherboard: Biostar Z97x Gaming Commander
Ram: Avexir 4x2 + 8x1 DDR3 1600 Mhz
GPU: Galax Geforce GTX 1050 Ti EXOC 4 GB DDR5
Psu: Thermaltake Smart SE Modular 630W Power Supply
Ups: Ideal 1000va
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