Question Losing internet for a few seconds exactly every 2 minutes

Apr 28, 2019
I've tried using a inamax ac1200 wireless adapter as well as a tl-wn823n and I am on university wifi.

I had this same problem last term however I found out that it was because of windows powering down the usb port and after disabling that it was fine. When I started using my computer again this term the problem had returned even though I still had the powering down of usb ports and my wireless adapter disabled.

I have tried many things such as trying to update drivers, uninstalling drivers, network resets, and anything else I could find online.

If I look at task manager after a lag spike it shows send/receive drops to 0 for a couple of seconds and then spikes up to higher than it previously was. I timed how long was between each lag spike and it was exactly 2 minutes (+-2s but that is probably due to errors in me timing) and this was measured over 14 minutes while I watched a twitch stream.

I'm on windows 10, can't use ethernet and my pc doesn't have built it wifi.

Does anyone have any idea what is causing this and how to fix it? (This is about the 4th place im asking and no one has been able to fix it yet :( )
May 12, 2019
i had the same problem i just instaled a fresh copy of windows and now my wifi adapter works fine and reanstaling drivers didnt help me