Loud noise and 15 minutes to boot

Feb 15, 2018
So i've been having this problem for a few months now but i just got enough of it when i used the computer today at my parent's house (i'm a college student).

Basically everytime i turn on the pc, it would take me to the dell screen thingy and after it loads up it gives me a black screen. I usually typed a random word or just pushed a lot of random buttons in order to get the noise to come up otherwise the pc will stay on the black screen. After i pushed some random buttons, the pc will make a loud annoying sound that lasted for a few minutes. After that, the windows logo will appear and everything goes back to normal. It takes 10-15 minutes in total to get to the login screen from the dell loading screen.

The last time it happened, i opened the case and record the sound using my phone to find out which one is the problem and it comes from the GPU's fan.

I bought the GPU, PSU, RAM, and an additional HDD around 6 months ago

Thank you for your help


Reset the BIOS and set the boot priority correctly again.

How old is the DELL system? Maybe the CMOS/BIOS battery is empty/dead, replace it

Which exact hardware is used? brand and model please of:
DELL (model number)

BIOS of the Dell is up to date?

Boot priority is set correctly?

Did you freshly install windows or reset it after installing the new hardware?

check your HDDs with the corresponding manufacturer tool

the noise should be normal till windows boots and initialize the driver of the GPU
Feb 15, 2018

The PC was from my dad's office since 2012 and they don't need it anymore so my dad gave it to me on december 2016. I upgraded the hardware on july 2017 when i went to college.

Hardware :
Dell Optiplex 990
Enlight PSU 500W
Asus Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050Ti 4GB

I haven't update the bios since i got the pc last year

Yes, it is set correctly

I don't think i reset anything since i only replace the PSU, GPU, and add more RAM

The HDD is fine although the new one was recently damaged and the problem has been occurring for about 4 months now

After i upgraded the system 7 months ago, it doesn't make that sound and the startup only takes a few seconds mostly a minute. The noise starts to come up after i left the pc unused and unplugged for a month because i was busy with college stuff