I have just bought a new system

i5 2500
z68 mobo
520w antec eco PS
Corsair 120gb SSD, 500gb HD
8gb ram

It is louder, both in normal idle, and when churning, than my old PC, which was not especially quiet.

I'm not clued-up when it comes to the inner workings of a PC.

Is this noise likely to be....
1. the single fan that is part of the stock ( and probably ordinary ) case
2. the thin shell of the case
3. the antec 520w PS - i was told it would be less noisy than a stock PS
4. something else

thanks in advance.



Jan 27, 2009
there are several different possible issues, here is quick way to discern the noise cause or all the contributing factors:

take the side off,, does it get noticeably louder? if not, your case is thin and letting alot of noise out,, if it does get louder, your case is helping keep the noise level down --- there are several ways to dampen the sound in your case, one of the options is to add sound deadening material such as what you'd find from http://www.b-quiet.com/extreme.html but that can get expensive,, you can even stop by a local electronic store, maybe you can purchase just 1 or 2 square feet as you don't need a whole 12 square feet that comes in a roll, cut it in to strips and apply on the sides, top & front of case,, the back and bottom should have more than enough strength not to be factors.

get a cardboard tube and line it up with the different fans in your case and your HDD,, you should find the culprit quickly that way,,,

typically the stock Heatsink from intel isn't too loud, but could be the cause and you may want to look at a quiet aftermarket alternative.

the PSU should be sufficiently quiet, the antec series is pretty good at that

I would honestly expect one of your case fans to be making most of the noise,, you can try unplugging them 1 at a time if you have more than 1 to find the loud one and replace with something quieter or run it at a lower speed.

if you HDD is making alot of noise,, look at replacing it with a green drive as it should not make much noise at all.