News Lovelace Might Be Nvidia's Next-Gen Gaming Architecture

if the rumors are true for this AD102 chip, Lovelace has a theoretical 71% performance increase over the Ampere architecture.
Turing should have taught you guys that Tflops and core counts are largely meaningless if the architecture changes significantly, so there's little point in creating hype based on complete guesswork, even if those specifications proved to be true.

Comparing Tflops, one might expect a "20+ Tflop" RTX 3070 to be around 50% faster than a "13+ Tflop" 2080 Ti, but in reality the two cards offer a very similar level of gaming performance. Likewise, one might expect a "35+ Tflop" RTX 3090 to be over 2.5 times as fast, but at best, it's rarely much over 50% faster at 4K, with even less of a difference at lower resolutions.