Low cpu and gpu usage and still low fps

Feb 11, 2019
Basically, I've bought a new GPU a couple days ago, the r9 270x 2gb. I installed the latest drivers to it but the problem is that im still getting low fps in minecraft and fortnite. In minecraft on medium settings i get from 60 to 200fps where i should be getting atleast 500-1000 or med/low settings.
I made sure my integrated gpu is turned off in the BIOS. I made sure i have the latest gpu drivers.

To me, the problem might be because i didn't fully uninstall my old gpu drivers or that i used a software to activate my windows 7 for free. Apart from that i don't see any problems.

My CPU is Phenom x4 840 3.21 Ghz
GPU is r9 270x 2gb
6GB ram

I heard that formating or reinstalling my windows completely will fix it. Please help.

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