Jan 13, 2022
I have a ryzen 7 3700x , An asrock b450m board , 32gb ram 3200mhz , a 500gb m.2 and a 3tb hdd , a 3060ti , 750w power supply and windows 10 pro , 144hz lg monitor and it never reaches high temps or bottle necks.
The issue i am having is if i run one game it will use 20-40% cpu and gpu max.
I can use more if i have more then one game open at once and i tested this with 4 games running at the same time and got it to use 70-90% gpu and cpu.
My frames when i run one game doesn't even reach 60fps most the time and i need it to use more % on both cpu and gpu for more frames but it just won't. Does anyone have a possible fix?