Question Low GPU usage, Semi High CPU usage

Sal Sal

Oct 12, 2016
For reference, my old rig:
i5 6600k
Gtx 1060
8gb ddr4 2400mhz ram

New Rig:
Ryzen 5 2600
Gtx 1060
16gb ddr4 3000mhz

So, I upgraded my pc about a week ago because I noticed my CPU usage was upwards of 100% while my GPU was at 8-20% even in the most demanding games. I was also experiencing stutters and low frame rates. So naturally, I figured it was a CPU bottleneck and ordered a brand new CPU, a Ryzen 5 2600. I installed it, ran some games and everything ran beautifully. I then noticed my GPU usage was still at 8-20%, albeit with better frames, and the cpu at about 40% constantly. Now this isn't necessarily an issue since, you know, good frames. But my question is, does anyone know why this happens and is there a way to increase GPU usage to achieve even better performance?
What are you using to monitor your system?

Some basic stuff first. Make sure your software for monitoring is up to date. Also, GPU driver, all system drivers, and for Ryzen, make sure the bios is up to date also.

Run everything again, and see how it goes.

What games are you playing that you experience this issue (low GPU usage). You do of course realise, not all games will push a GPU or CPU to max, and neither will that both happen together. It totally depends on what you are doing. Some games are more CPU demanding, others more GPU, often the majority are right in the middle of usage scenarios. Don't get hung up on usage if your FPS are good.