Question Low GPU utilization when CPU is fully utilized

Jan 9, 2023
Hi all,

Specs for my laptop are listed below:
Model: Acer Predator Helios 300 (2019) -> PH-315-52
GPU: GTX 1660Ti (80W TDP)
CPU: Intel Core i5-9300h
RAM: 16 GB (Dual Channel, 2666MHz)
OS: Windows 10 Home Single Language (21H2, Build: 19044.2251)
Product page: Click here

Hello everyone. My laptop GPU does not run at its maximum power when CPU is being utilized in games. This issue has started recently only. Before that in benchmarks that I have run below did not show this issue.

I did the following tests to find the issue -

1. Did unigine superposition test. In that gpu constantly pulls 80W and cpu only pulls 15W. Here GPU is able to reach its TDP as CPU is hardly utilized in this test.

2. Did 3DMark Timespy benchmark.In that after starting the benchmark, before the 'Graphics Test 1', the test that runs (warmup test) utilizes both CPU and GPU together. So during that period, the GPU power fluctuates constantly between 80W and 66W with average pull of 70W. This fluctuation stops and the GPU contantly pulls 80W when CPU is not being utilized in the next 2 tests (Graphics Test 1 & 2).

3. Did AIDA64 system stability test with everything checked except 'local disk' option. In this test, the CPU and GPU are both able to pull their TDP of 45W and 80W respectively. As this is test puts synthetic load on CPU and GPU, so both the components are running at maximum power.

Point 1 & 2 made me think that there is some issue with the charger and that enough wattage is not being supplied to the laptop. But point 3 made it clear that both CPU & GPU can run at their max potential together in synthetic test but are unable to do so in games and tests that render something.

I have observed the same behaviour mentioned in point 1 & 2 in FIFA 23, COD Warzone 2.0 & Spider-Man Remastered. Also, there is no thermal throttling for GPU in any of the cases.

The solutions that I have tried till now which have not worked are as follows:
  1. Reinstalled Nvidia drivers from scratch using DDU.
  2. Changing Nvidia drivers to older version (511.23 - Jan 2022).
  3. Changed back to older bios version.
  4. Removed Acer Predator Sense Software
I have attached the graphs to show the behaviour of CPU and GPU in the benchmarks. I also have the log files for these tests if anyone requires that.

Superposition Benchmark Results:


AIDA64 Results:


3DMark-Timespy Results:


I would be really grateful if anyone could help with this and suggest some solution.
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Jan 9, 2023
what the cpu temp during them test?
how full is the ssd?

Hi, CPU temp is around 90-92.
The laptop has a 256 GB SSD and a 1 TB HDD. The games and the benchmark tools are all stored on the HDD.
The SSD has 99.5 GB free out of 237 GB, while HDD has 299 GB free out of 931 GB.