Question Low usage CPU for a few seconds with lag on the whole PC.

Oct 5, 2021
Hi! It's the first time I'm writing here, but after years I have finally decided to write this issue.
In any case, from the purchase of the PC to today, it often happens that the CPU doesn't work as it should. Whether I turn on the PC or bring it back from standby, in approximately every 30 seconds / 1 minute, the computer tends to completely lagging. Writing is impossible to do, videos impossible to see, often also audio lag, obviously without talking about games, where I find myself from 60 fps to 10/7 fps for several seconds, with a frequency of 30 seconds / 1 minute from a "lag to the other ".
On resource management, in these moments of lag, I find the usege of my cpu from its usual percentage, to 12/14%.
There have been times in the past where this problem has completely disappeared naturally, and others where it reappears for no apparent reason. It has now reappeared since I upgraded to Windows 11, but it also happened with Windows 10.
I tried installing various programs to control the CPU temperature and programs for clocking, but nothing ever changed.

My specs:
Intel I5-7200U 2.50GHz.
Nvidia Geforce 930MX 2gb
8GB Ram
Windows 11

The pc is a preassembled ASUS, model K556U.
At least 5 years old, purchased in 2017.
With the reinstallation of Windows 11 I have completely empty HDD, except for War Thunder and some old photos and work files saved.

I hope you will be able to help me :)

Sorry for my English anyway :(


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Can you check and see what BIOS version you're on for your laptop? Cross reference your SKU/BIOS version on their support site, here. If you have BIOS versions pending update, gradually work your way to the latest version, do not jump to the latest.
Oct 5, 2021
Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I realized that I got the model wrong. My model is X556UR. In any case, I still managed, from the same site, to find the bios drivers, but when I download them, it gives me .304 files with the error that the selected file is not a valid archive.