Lua Error


Jan 26, 2013
Hello, I have a problem with my game entitled : Magic Farm 2 - Fairy Lands. the problem is whenever i played this game it will stuck and the lua error box will appear.. the box stated that , "No matching overload found, candidates : void_init (luabind::argument const&, custom [float], custom [float], custom [float],custom [float])"

can anyone fix this?? i really love playing this game and i have finished all versions of this game and i reaally wanted to finish this one too.. please help!!
That is code, and it is quite interesting that a game was developed with Lua. Lua is an interpreter, not that different than Basic. No serious games are written with Lua, though I've seen games allow macroing through Lua, that is about it. The interesting part is the error is showing a C++ code. Lua is built from C++, though it does allow you to call C++ from within the code, which must be what is going on.

Anyways, as said above, that is something the developer has to fix, you can't.