Question M.2 NVMe and SSD not showing on Boot

Sep 30, 2020
Good Morning

My HDD got broken and today i got M.2 NVMe to replace my HDD.

My problem is: On Bios, Boot priority dont show any storage devices i have which are 1-SSD and 1-M.2 NVMe

My motherboard is Rog Strix Z390-E Gaming with latest drives 1602.

Note: M.2 NVMe is installed on socket ( M.2_2 ) i dont have any windows installed on this devices.

Any Help would be very appreciated. Thank you.
Ssd is clean don't have any traces of windows.
Are you sure that SATA mode is set to AHCI and also from past experience Asus boards do have 2 SATA controllers(Intel and Marvell) you should check if you have both or only intel.

You should try installing Win 10... the NVMe might show up there. Sometimes NVMe drives won't show up in BIOS unless they're formatted and Windows is installed.
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