Question M.2 SSD no longer showing in BIOS or Device Manager ?


Sep 26, 2017
Hello all,
Last Thursday, right after I shut down a game I was playing on Steam, my bulk 2TB M.2 drive decided it didn't want to read anymore. I have three M.2 slots in total on my board. So I shut down my PC and moved it from the second slot, down to the third slot (first slot is used for my 256GB boot drive right under the CPU socket). And it worked all weekend. Loaded everything and played games just fine. But just a little bit ago today, it decided to not want to work anymore. It won't show up in BIOS or device manager. Any idea what it could be? Or is it just dead now?

I have checked my board's manual and will link it here Taichi/#Specification

Nowhere does it say that any M.2 slot is disabled while another is being used. So that's obviously not the issue. Nor do I have any other drives connected, other than the boot drive and the one that won't show up now.

Necessary specs for consideration:
CPU: i7-7800x (OC to 4.9GHz with delid, liquid metal, and 360 Corsair AIO)
MOBO: Asrock x299 Taichi (linked above)
GPU: RTX 3080 Founder's
RAM: 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB
PSU: Corsair HX850
Boot Drive: WD Black NVMe 256GB M.2
Possible faulty drive: Intel 660p 2TB PCI3 M.2

I have ran CrystalDiskInfo and only my WD drives shows and shows healthy. And the Intel M.2 does not show up in disk management either.

Last possible useful info is that the board, CPU, and PSU have been used since I built the system in June of 2017. Not sure if that matters though. Thanks for reading and replying in advance!