MAC address based time restrictions and filters


Mar 4, 2012
Hello, my son has his own notebook and he set it up in Chinese (which I do not read). After I installed nanny software on it (he was 12) he just re-installed the system himself from scratch. I gave him a fixed TCP IP address and he just disabled it.
Most routers only allow time restrictions and filters to be allocated to TCP IP addresses / ranges but not to MAC addresses. Currently I have a Open824 router and control internet access for computers with TCP IP's >=100 while I gave my computers and devices like NAS, Printers... fixed addresses <100. If he finds that out I am busted again.
The only complete cut is to disable his MAC address in the client filter, but this is inconvenient.
Which router has filters which can be allocated to MAC addresses and have some of them logging capabilities to monitor internet access based on MAC ??


Chris Hostettler
Take away his notebook till he stops messing with what you setup.

Pretty good to be re-installing the whole system at 12 though.

If you turn off DHCP on the network, setup access rights to specific IPs, and just assign static IPs to the systems, he can't do anything. Just filter a tighter IP range so that you have enough for one IP per device. If he tries to change the IP on his computer, won't work because he'll have an IP conflict.