Question Main display randomly goes out


May 9, 2019
Hi, I have a gaming setup of 3 monitors, and sometimes randomly my main screen where the game is displaying sometimes when there's some action the display goes out for a second or two and then comeback. Note that all displays are connected to the GPU 1 on HDMI, 1 on DVI-D, 1 on DP.

my setup:
Main monitor: BenQ EX3200R 31.5 inch 1ms free sync
double secondary monitor: Wansa 32inch HD (vertical)
CPU : i5 8400K @2.80HZ
GPU: GTX 1070 TI 6GB
ram: 16GB ddr4
motherboard: Z370 A-pro

I'm having doubts that my setup doesn't support all of display, but i want to make sure, and what do i need to change?



Oct 10, 2016
Put everything about your build in here and have it evaluate your psu needs. If you've been using this rig for a while subtract twenty watts from the psu for every year of use up to about 60 watts. (that's probably too much but the capability of the psu declines over time). So 750 watt psu used for three or four years = roughly 690 watts. Erratic blanking out of the monitor is often a psu problem.

If you have an extra psu or know someone who does you can test your system with that. I like to keep an extra psu in the house (and an extra wifi router and a clone of my OS).

Anyhow it sounds like you might be using a lot of power although the TI 1050 only draws 75 watts so you may need to look at other things, but that's where I'd start.

Other things: install a temp monitor like CPUID and make sure it is on before you start playing. It will keep track of current and high and low values of your temps. When you have a screen crash see what it says about gpu and cpu and your drives.

A fresh application of thermal paste (remove the old) to the cpu can improve performance. And if you're not using a Noctua heatsink/cpu fan now is the time to consider getting one.

Greg N