Making a 64 Bit boot disk on a 32 bit op system...


Nov 24, 2007
Okay I did the buy and download thing and well, I got the 64 bit and I only got XP 32 bit and the way you need to do the boot disk is by extracting thing and the thing will not keep extracting because of being on a 32 bit operating system. Now my question is how do I make a boot disk with this... I got my new computer built, but no way to use it, I even bought some 64 bit software already.

The files I have are:


Can someone please tell me how to do this.
Vista 64 requires a clean install. You'll need to partitiion off a clean area of your existing hard driver, install a second hard drive, or format your existing hard drive.

Are you *SURE* you have V64, and are you *SURE* it's complete???????????????????


I have the same problem. I bought vista from UK site for download and got the same files. I found out that "boot" and "install" files are packed and need to be unpacked. I used 7zip to unpack them. When i did that the total file size become 51GB!!

The boot file is only 730MB but even that is pretty much. The install file is unpacked into 4 folders numbered from 1 to 4 and each holding 12GB of data.

How on earth is it possible to burn this amount of date without a BR burner. I guess its almost impossible without any effort and experience to do a clean install on a 32 bit OS without a ISO DVD.