Question Making a wireless hotspot?

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Feb 19, 2019
What about MiFi? I'm using a Netgear MR1100 and I can't describe it any other way than amazing... AT&T still sells $30 unlimited data plans that don't have data caps and aren't throttled... I've almost hit a terabyte in a month!

It's a little ahead of its time so the firmware isn't perfect - but it has some amazing features so far. When I'm home it gets plugged into my main router's WAN port so I can watch Netflix and game on my PC, whatever I want. When I'm on the road, its can charge my phone and give free data to all my friends. I literally don't go anywhere without it!


Jan 27, 2011
Sorry for the late reply, tom's new forum isn't sending me email notifications like it used to.

The Travel Router I linked earlier only needs 5v usb power. It uses very little energy to operate. I also don't see the need for 5ghz band as most free wifi hotspots are all 2.4ghz for better distance. 5ghz does not travel very far through objects, walls, trees, hills etc.... It's very doubtful you'll receive good 5ghz signals at your barn. 2.4ghz I think is the only real frequency you'll get.

The removable antennas I think are key to getting the best signal, also using a directional wifi antenna to point to the signal source and mounting it high outside your barn will give you significantly better coverage.

A directional antenna like this will be very discreet, the sma connector should plug right into that little router:

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