Question Massive drop on my FPS on Warzone

Sep 18, 2020
I was playing warzone on 80-90 fps on normal settings, but i updated my windows to 10 (may 2020 version) and changed the thermal paste on my CPU, after that my CPU overheated at 100C and my FPS start to drop to 1-10. I reaplied the thermal paste and now is normal temp aroud 60-70C playing, but my fps continue to drop to 1-10.. then return to 70-80... but i cant play like that, i dont have any knowleade on OC but i tried a few things, but nothing work, now im playing on low setting, i closed all programs.. but nothing.. any help?

I used Artic series 5 thermal paste.

My pc is old, but it was playing really well before this.
I updated the drivers on gpu and everyhing...
I tried MSI afterburner and set power limit to 120.. auto fan speed and core voltage to 100.. but still the same problem
MSI afterburner> Voltage Limit... GPU usage 90-100%... CPU usage.. 70-90%...
My build>EVGA 1060 6 gb-Mobo Asus Z97-p-Some ram drr3 2x4 gb-Intel i7-4470-Corsair liquid cooling 120mm