Question master-slave router configuration issue!

Sep 15, 2019

I'm trying to set up a master-slave router config but it is very erratic and works sometimes, and disconnects a lot of times. So my internet is on router A, and it is connected to the slave router (Router B) using powerline adapters.

Now the IPs i've set are:
for A: router: with range: 192.168.2 - 253
for B: router: with range 192.168.64-253 (default - my understanding is this doens't matter on the slave?)
I've turned DCHP on the slave router, and changed the wireless channel number and SSID on the slave so there's no conflict.
I've then saved and restarted the router.

Now when I connect to router B's wifi network using my iphone, sometimes it connects to the internet, and sometimes it just has a tick mark and gives me an ip address of: 169.254......, and when it gives me this ip address the wifi symbol doesn't come up and it doesn't connect to the internet.

Does anyone know why this is happening? I'm bit of a networking noob, so have no idea where i'm going wrong.

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You want to run the second router as a AP.

I am unclear what ip ranges you are really using but you do not want 2 dhcp servers in one network. When you have 2 dhcp servers your results will be completely random which ip the end device gets. Pretty much what happens is both routers attempt to provide a address and which ever gets to the device first wins.

But as mentioned it could be the powerline units but I would reconfigure your stuff as a AP and see if it works better.