Question Max-Min Processor state not working as intended while gaming

Feb 6, 2022
Hi, I've had some issues with my max processor state not working as it should while using 3D Applications. I wanted to set the max-processor state to a lower state while gaming for long periods of time to improve thermals on my I7 8700k (Paired with a GTX 1080 ti and a Z370-A PRO motherboard) since the thing runs like a hotbox (Over 65-70) degrees C while under full load. For testing, I ran it at a 5% max processor state and a 5% minimum processor state so I could ensure that the clock speeds wouldn't change despite the workload (Made a custom power plan based on balanced except with the max processor state changed). It worked as intended while browsing and whenever the game wasn't primarily selected running at a consistent 800 Mhz, with a noticeable FPS drop from 60 to around 30-40 on max graphics. However, once I primarily selected the application (Roblox) without a separate window on-top, the clock speeds instantly changed back to 4395 Mhz with my FPS going right back to 60. I used MSI afterburner and Open Hardware Monitor to check the clock speeds while in action. Also, I tested everything exactly the same with all the same applications and settings on my Windows 7 laptop and it worked as intended without the clock speeds going back up when selecting a 3D Application (I7 2630QM paired with a GT 550M) (Roblox in this case as well with graphics 10) and the FPS drop staying the same at around 20-30. Now obviously, Roblox with its 60 FPS cap isn't going to push the CPU anywhere near its limits normally, so I also tested a more intensive game on my CPU (BeamNG Drive) and got the same results. The CPU clock speeds were running as intended whenever I had the game unselected but shot right up once I selected the application. (had to use Roblox as the control since that was the only thing my old laptop could run). If anyone could help me out, that'd be appreciated!

Windows 7:

Windows 10:


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With all due respect the temps you've stated above, are perfectly fine for that processor in spite of not stating what you're using to cool the processor nor stating the ambient air temps or the airflow in your chassis or the chassis itself.