Question Max powerful graphics card for my rig?

It doesn't really state what processor is in that particular PC, but a 6th gen i7 might refer to either an i7-6700k or i7-6700. It originally has a GTX 970 which is what you'll be upgrading?

Essentially you could choose any graphics card within your budget, though you'd want one which is better than a GTX 970 to really benefit from such an upgrade. However what resolution and refresh rate is your monitor?
An RX 580 wouldn't be much faster than a GTX 970, so if that's what you have for a graphics card, you would definitely want something significantly faster than that.

As for the "max powerful graphics card for your rig", a 6th-gen Core i7 should still be fast enough to handle just about any graphics card on the market today reasonably well, limited only by your budget, and perhaps by the wattage of your PSU, which doesn't seem to be listed there. Do you know what kind of power supply you have? And as was said, knowing what model of monitor you have would be useful, since a very high-end card might be overkill on something like a 1080p, 60Hz screen. And of course, how much you are willing to spend.
Apr 6, 2019
just to clarify some previous posts since you said you're a noob at PC builiding, Wattage should be the number on the side, like the 750i on this corresponds to 750 watts.

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