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Question Maximum Processor State - Windows 10

Jul 8, 2020
CPU - Intel i7-4790 3.6 Ghz - 4.0 Ghz [No overclock]

Before I upgraded to Win10 from Win7, I had no issue with limiting my processor usage.
I kept the max at 80% state and shows no different, Mhz/Clock speed is always 3990 which is its 100% load state.
Even I gave a much lower limit to 50%, still not different as it runs with 100% load state.

Minimum works without issue though.
But it's funny because when I set the minimum to higher than 5%, it shows change at speed.

Here's what I'm trying to tell :

Standard Cooler so, it's why I need to limit the usage to avoid overheating.
Can't buy a new one yet, fyi.

I don't know what's the culprit.
Already search around the net but it seems I'm the only one on this boat.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank You.
Jul 8, 2020
Going straight to the point :

It turns out the culprit was Windows Update installing Xbox Game Mode.
Damn thing keeps throwing my CPU to the edge like no tomorrow.

So now everything is fine and sound.
Will be much careful when installing updates in the future.

Thanks for the reply though.