[SOLVED] MAY OF DONE IT GUYS... Shorted computer during install.. is my 3070 safe tho?

Jan 7, 2022
The other day I received my 3070 and 750w Evga Supernova, after installing I quickly learned the result of reusing exisiting modular psu cables instead of installing the new cables supplied with the PSU. Hopefully... my saving grace is that for some reason I decided to replace the CPU, GPU, and Mobo PSU cables w/ the brand new Supernova cords. I only reused the old exisiting cords for Sata: SSD, DVD reader, & Wifi adapter, all of which are completely fried. I went today to purchase a new SSD but to no avail, I could not get a fresh install of Windows without the PC hanging on Gigabyte Post screen or BSOD (IQRL not less or equal & Kernel Mode Trap) all after booting from a Windows Media Creation Tool. Note that I can get into the BIOS perfectly fine & no random shutdowns are experienced while navigating BIOS or idle. The next trick up my sleeve consisted of me trying an older motherboard with the new SSD, same CPU, GPU, and RAM; same result, BSOD or hanging right after booting from USB. Defeated, I unpluged the 3070 and felt obligated to try the old reliable 1060, but no difference was found. Ultimately defeated I have purchased a z690 Mobo, new RAM, and Alder lake CPU but am currently waiting for a CPU cooler to try a fresh install. The reason for my posting....... I cant test the 3070... do you guys think it's still okay to chop frames? Worth noting that I tested the new RAM on the old motherboard with the lightly fried 6700k but still same result, BSOD or hanging after booting from USB.