Question Media player deleting my music files ?


Jan 10, 2014
Some context... I used to do some DJing and I have a very large CD collection, everything is disorderly though and I want to rip everything to my PC and burn it all again with files on CDs of the same genre.

WMP works well for ripping at 320kbps but I found it was renaming some of the files and I was constantly naming them back again. It would name them 'track 1 - unknown album' or something similar and I would have to give it the correct title many times over.

This stopped when I disabled WMP but now I'm coming to burning all these new CDs and I need WMP to burn the discs again.

Now I'm noticing many files are missing, I backed everything up to another drive before and some of the files are on there but not my main HDD. There are music tracks I have on my old CDs which I definitely uploaded but now they're nowhere to be seen anywhere on my PC. But when I insert and rip a disc with WMP it says 'ripped to library' as though WMP thinks it still exists, maybe it does still exist but WMP is hiding them from me ? I hope so.

Most of the uploads are still here but I know there could be a few hundred missing and I have no way of knowing which ones are gone, I don't have the time to rip everything again.

What the fudge is going on ?


Sep 13, 2002
I would start your whole ripping process over using foobar 2000 or iTunes. iTunes is preferable because they can look up the CD properly and they never delete your files. With all of the rippers I have had problems looking up my CD

Pro tip, never use Windows media player for any purposes it’s garbage. Even WinAmp is way better than that crap


It would not be deleting files, where were you saving all those files? How are you looking for them? Are you actually browsing to that location or just using a media player to find them? Many media players don't show you all the files on the system, they just index a specific place you give it and that is what you see there.