Memory compatibility question...


Jan 21, 2012

My mother board is an asus p6x58d-e ( 6 memory slots, 3 presently occupied), with corsair 6 GB 3 X 2 GB PC3-12800 1600MHz 240-Pin DDR3 installed. I have 3 more memory chips just laying around, the label says samsung 4gb 2Rx8 PC3-8500R-07-10-L0-P0.

Is it possible to install these along with what I already have. This would obviously bring the total to 18gb. Even if it does work, will the system be unstable? Any other drawbacks to mismatched memory? Totally pointless?

Thank you!

In this case I wouldn't do it. It looks like it is old one, that Samsung.

This is CL7, what is the one u use? CL9?

Is the voltage the same?

U need to post specs or the link to the RAM u have.
Mismatched memory may or may not work. Because you already own the RAM, you have nothing to lose by trying it.

Write down both sets of specifications, then manually set your motherboard to the lowest common settings - lowest timing (biggest numbers) and the higher voltage.

Then run memtest86 to test the installed RAM.