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Memory? Problems With My PC / Build?


Jun 19, 2016
Hi, I'd like to get some answers, maybe some1 can help.
I am not a complete idiot when it comes to pc's and building, but I also can't say I am really good at it.
And I've built myself a pc for multi purposes. Gaming, video editing, little bit of this and that.

http://i.imgur.com/TkSVqx7.png <==== Speccy build

And it usually runs really good for everything I do.
Playing GTA V, all the new games, multi tasking with 2 displays. ALL FINE.
BUT from time to time it seems to have a problem where it just ( I think) loses memory or somewhat like that. I play League of Legends a lot.
And sometimes he just gets me bugsplats for no reason, or the store ingame won't open. As I know, the League client is based on Adobe AIR, right?

I update everything daily and I really do take care of my pc.

Also, when the stuff with League happens, my Chrome randomly chrashes, or just a few tabs. Like Youtube or Facebook, or Ebay. Dunno. It is really getting on my nerves.

The thing I am thinking off right now is maybe new pasta for my processor or a cooler for him?
Or maybe my motherboard is just weak for the build?

If you need more info I will gladly put it on after work.
But some help would be appreciated. I rarely look for help, but none of my friends knows the reason. It should be working fine as I see it.

Thanks in advance!


Well, these issues don't sound like hardware issues. LOL causes tons of their players headaches with a long list of bugs. If your going to play it, it comes with the territory. As for chrome, most crashes occur due to bad extensions. Reinstalling the browser will fix it more often than not.