Micro ATX


Jan 21, 2008
Micro atx seem to be in short supply, i am looking for one that has ddr2 or 3 memery, 775 slot that will work with the new 45nm processers, a pci 16x express slot, and all the other things ps OCing is quite important

any ideas spring to mind, this is on a budget so be sensible max of 90 pounds
Look for m-ATX motherboards using the G31, G33 and G35 chipsets. However, you may need to update the BIOS in order for the Wolfdales and Yorkfields to be properly recognized and optimized.

An example would be the MSI G33M-FI LGA 775 Intel G33 and should fall under £90 since it's about $95 in the US. Another example is the Gigabyte GA-G33M-DS2R ($130 US).

According to Anandtech.com:


Page 5 Quick Take

It appears that a user with an Intel chipset based on the X38, P35, P31, G31, G33, or G35 chipset should not have a problem getting the system to POST and generally operate with either a Wolfdale or Yorkfield processor. However, the vast majority of motherboards based on these chipsets will require a BIOS update to offer proper CPU recognition and performance optimizations. The good news is those requirements are being fulfilled now and we should see an avalanche of BIOS releases over the next few weeks for these motherboa

As for OCing... m-ATX mobos are not known for their OCing capabilities so you'll find that your options might be somewhat limited depending on how high you want to OC. I suppose you should not even consider any mobo with a G31 chipset since it is "very budget" and may not offer any OC options.


Jan 3, 2007
there are only 2

the gigybyte G33 dr2 - with raid and ich9r - this is sweet mobo i use it. i have run this mobo for months. it has performed nicely - you do have reset the oc in the bios once in while. you have to re-enable the fsb
see my config - E6750 at 3.4ghz

asus you never have to re-anable - its auto with the f1/f2 error - go into bios and leave - its reset

the asus G35 P5k_vm hdmi - the old G33 has very limited oc. i run the P5k-vm with an E6420 at 3.4ghz


Jan 18, 2008
I'm looking for a mATX board as well. I thought I'd chime in here, so another post wasn't needlessly started. Hopefully someone out there can help with a recommendation, since mATX comparisons are nowhere to be found.

I'm building a HTPC into an Antec Fusion case. I'm looking for a board like this:

-LGA 775 socket supporting 65w processors
-Intel chipset (Gxx)
-1x PCIe x16
-Very stable
-Low noise
-Low heat
-Under $100

I will not be OCing this box, so those features are not needed.
Do you have any HTPC related requirements like S/PDIF, HDMI, DVI, Gbit LAN, firewire?

Since you need a PCI x16 you must be planning on using a video card. Why does it have to be a Gxx chipset? Just asking because it severly limits your options to about 5 quality boards under $100. You may also have better luck with AMD and either a 690G/V or 7XXX chipset since AMD boards tend to be less expensive for similar options.

Just to throw one Gxx s775 board out there, how about the GIGABYTE GA-G31M-S2L for $67?


Jan 18, 2008

I'll be putting a quality sound card in the box also, so onboard audio is not an issue. And like you stated, I'll not be using onboard video either. Gbit LAN would be nice but not necessary. In fact, I see very few that don't have it nowadays. Firewire is not necessary either, although an eSATA port would be nice.

From what I see there are very few others to choose from in the mATX department. The Gxx, the Qxx and the 9xx. And of the Q and 9 even fewer. The Gxx seems to be the one with the most options. nVidia is not an option because I know they tend to run hot. I'm all about cool... :)

I intend to do video encoding with the machine too. I'd like some future proofing also. Right now Intel is kicking AMDs ass.

I'll look at it. Thanks. Any more suggestions would be nice.