Question Micro SD Samsung EVO+ 128 can not be formated/deleted/wiped

Dec 15, 2018
I used this Samsung Evo+ 128Gb card for the last ~2 year with no issues. There was about 15GB of data throughout this period. I bought a new phone, inserted the card, set up the podcast player, Here Maps and TED app to store the data on the card and ran multiple downloads, about 50 in podcast, 5 maps and 20 in TED. The podcasts and maps downloaded with no issues however the TED app, after downloading ~15 videos started giving back the message: "TED download failed". I tried deleting TED folder and starting over again but in vain, can't be deleted. I plugged it in the PC and the Windows 10 notification reports "There's a problem with this drive. Scan the drive and fix it" however when running CHKDSK, reports no errors. I tried deleting TED folder but in vain, PC gets stuck and windows explorer crashes. I tried formatting the card with right click format from Windows and using SD card formatter and both without success - can not format the card. I can see data on the card and I can copy it.

Card can not be formated/deleted/wiped. Process stay at 0%. After numerous tries data are still there, can be seen, accessed and copied but nothing else can be done with the card.
I tried: DISK PART in CMD, AOMEI Partition Assistant, Macrorit Partition Expert


  1. Is there any specialized software that can handle this issue?
  2. Did I handle the card wrong by running multiple downloads from multiple apps?
Dec 15, 2018
I tried Gparted and it seems the card is not responding. Possible to read from but not possible to do anything else. Any other suggestions? Did I handle the card wrong?



Mar 10, 2019
It's probably just a matter of the card's lifetime rather being an issue of handling...well, as long as you aren't dancing on top of a Van De Graff generator when you're handling it, anyway.

If you do have the information secured from the card, you're probably better-off pitching it* and getting a new card.

If you need to do data rescue from the card, then you might try TestDisk to see what it can do with it....although you do have to do a bit of cleanup on the rescued files.

* By "pitching it" I mean toss it in a fireplace, burn it to ash with a torch, or reduce it to dust against a grinding wheel.

Never just throw data-bearing devices away.
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