Question Micro-stuttering in CS:GO, not smooth on 240hz ?

Aug 26, 2022
Hey, I have i5 12400f CPU, 16gb RAM 3200MHz HyperX Renegade, RX 570 XFX 8gb, Kingston m.2 ssd gen 3 and alienware AW25 240HZ monitor.
I know that I have GPU bottleneck which shouldnt affect csgo that much due to csgo being CPU based game.
I have around 300-700 fps every time, 240HZ in csgo but it feels very stuttery and jittery, its not smooth.
Does anyone have solution?
This sounds like a frame pacing issue, which can be caused by a lot of things that have no easy button fix. It can be mitigated though by setting a frame rate limit to something that's slightly below the refresh rate of the monitor, or whatever the lowest end of the average frame rate is.