News Micron Opens Fab 10 Expansion for 96-Layer 3D NAND


Feb 22, 2016
Micron opened its latest 3D NAND Fab 10 expansion in Singapore last week. The expansion will support the companies' 96-layer and beyond process nodes. Micron Opens Fab 10 Expansion for 96-Layer 3D NAND : Read more
Hard to imagine that photolithography could now be reliable enough — with regard to bit errors — to allow or 96 overlaying layers to be patterned and etched and still result in nominally working/reliable devices. I think it is rather amazing, all and all.

The price of SSDs, whether conventional or NVMe style, certainly has dropped precipitously in the last 12 months. Huge… to the point where spinning disks hardly have any market share left. I suppose it was inevitable. Still … remarkable.

Last, if my memory (ooh!) serves me, I believe there is STILL a glut in the world nonvolatile memory market. Certainly this won't be relieved in the snort-to-mid term by 96 layer devices coming to commonplace supply chain dynamics. Also, I don't foresee ANY upcoming gotta-have-terabytes-in-one's-tablet applications. None at all. Even for the most wickedly techno users, there are darned few Must-Have-Ubiquitous uses for terabyte sized databases. On one's tablet, or in one's smart-watch (LOL).

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