Microsoft Reveals a More Aggressive Smartphone Plan

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Apr 3, 2001
[citation][nom]sync_nine[/nom]Just like to point out some lies in the cards there.Nokia Lumia 710 comes with a 1300 mAh battery and Nokia Lumia 800 comes with a 1450 mAh battery.On the other hand Samsung Omnia W comes with a 1500 mAh battery and an AMOLED screen (Lumia has a LCD screen) which is far better than the LCD in terms of power consumption. But then how come the Lumia 710 has a talk time of 7 hours, Lumia 800 of 9 hours and the Omnia W of 6 hours? It doesn't add up. Specs wise those three phones have no big difference hardware wise (except the 16 GB memory of Lumia 800) and the only difference point is the battery which is in my opinion a big factor.[/citation]Just because they have the "same specs" (meaning same processor), doesn't mean they have identical guts. What radios do they use? Here's something else to chew on - what the heck does the screen have to do with talk time? Does your phone keep the screen powered up while you're talking on it? Mine doesn't. In fact, it has a proximity sensor that tells it to turn the screen off whenever I'm talking on it.

Your "proof" isn't relevant regarding talk time. In terms of browsing and video playback life, sure. That's another story.


Mar 1, 2012
Its nice of MS to lower the requirements and push for cheaper WP7 devices. I currently run WP7 on my LG Quantum and its great apart from when you come to use it as an actual phone...
WP7 is brilliant as a social device, and the interface is nice and rapid. I do agree with this article that a cheaper device can't afford to be sluggish on the interface. A sluggish interface is what put me off android (as pretty much every sub-£300 phone is as slow as a snail with cramp).

Microsoft need to concentrate more on refining the OS for actual phone operations if they're going to gain any more marketshare.


"While it's appealing to pay less, we don't think that should come at the expense of a snappy and fast Metro interface."

With lower cost comes lowered performance and expectations. Compared to some pretty high end HTC phones running Android and Sense UI, I bet the input lag is pretty darn good. I have both an Android phone (HTC myTouch 4g) and a Windows Phone (HTC HD7) and I have to say, the HD7 beats the myTouch hands down in navigation, input speed, programming environment and the list goes on. Microsoft has toed a fine line between the Apple model of being completely integrated and the Android model of anything goes, wild west, fragmentation. I think this strategy has merit and may in the long run make Windows Phone a viable third OS in a year or two.


Jul 30, 2008
[citation][nom]tntom[/nom]...Nobody else can compete there especially Apple because they focus for now on one model and their consumer base demands that things like Siri (requires high-end HW) just work and be ubiquitous...[/citation]

I thought Siri required a data connection? Surely it isn't processing anything, just sending your voice 'home' for processing.
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