Microsoft Working on Mouse Fix for Windows 8.1

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I've had no issues whatsoever in any games or any apps. I've even tried Metro 2033 and it runs without any problems?

I think it's like the overclocking of GPUs and CPUs. Some are lucky and some aren't. However It shouldn't be a problem from the start, so get your heads together Micosoft!


I think its dependent on the mouse as well as the new features in Windows 8.1. I have played a lot of games since 8.1 (preview and had the official a week before release thanks to Technet) and none have had this issue.

I have a Logitech G600.

A friend of mine had the issue in 8.1 but he has a Razer Naga 2013. He also said their driver system is pretty bad since its cloud based.

Still good to see them working on it.


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Please go here and create a new thread:

There will be more help there than this article.


Oct 28, 2010
i've had problems with one mouse since i upgraded.

i had a logitech m570 but had to switch until i can get that replaced from a malfuntion

still using a logitech but its a m305

i have lag at times which is annoying but about once every two days i get a pointer reference error or something like that.

never had that problem before upgrading.

also have a problem with spotmau when i close the personal save i get a folder freeze everytime

windows 8.1 has some issues and i am debating on holding off a bit on the other pc's before upgrading them.

btw i don't play games so even with no game playing there are mouse issues.


Dec 10, 2008
Mean while Linux side of the house reporting clear skies and smooth sailing with slight breeze and temp in mid 70's. LOL Businesses have not moved off Windows 7 for reason and only reason why I have Windows 8 at the house is because the computer came with it. Couldn't downgrade to W2K7 :(. Windows 8 is still beta anyways IMO.
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