Microsoft's Andromeda May Not Land This Year

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So Microsoft chooses the name ANDROMEDA which elicits rage in me due to the Mass Effect 4th game of that name?

Maybe I'm the only one who's still pissed... what I really want is a 10" W10 tablet of reasonable price and quality but quality control seems to be all over the map with some Windows products.
Jul 3, 2018
Recent reports suggested that Microsoft was experimenting with ARM processors in prototypes and saw potential for Andromeda to be as impactful as the initial Surface line was to the laptop market.Look For MORE........


Oct 19, 2011
I recall that Sony had tried several extremely tiny PCs in the past. I don't recall any of them catching on. I'm not sure what audience Microsoft thinks it is appealing to with a dual-screen Surface device. It doesn't make much sense to me as a PC, and makes even less sense as a phone product.

I could see potential if Andromeda was used as an XBox mobile console. It could be Microsoft's equivalent to Nintendo's 3DS. The bottom screen could have touch-sensitive controls while the upper screen focuses on the action. There's a lot of potential there if the mainstream gaming industry can stop pushing graphical detail over gameplay and stylization.


Jul 31, 2015
I would buy it only if they used some form of actual x86 CPU using ARM CPU would just make it an over priced toy that would be almost useless to me and my personal needs. This is just my own opinion and the features I look for in a product.
It's a very NICHE market but it does make sense for some?... the example they showed before was an EXCEL spreadsheet.

So it can be carried like a really thick phablet/tablet but open to give double the screen size or show two different programs side-by-side.

Still, if you really need the portability I think a small phone/tablet is what people would do and if they absolutely needed more screen space due to WORK I think people would go with a small laptop or larger tablet.

INPUT is the problem so I'm not clear on who the target market is:

1) needs extreme portability, and
2) needs larger screen, and
3) touch/stylus input is sufficient


Jeff Fx

Jan 2, 2015
>But additionally, the team can't see a reason why people need a pocketable, dual-screen PC

They should be let go for lack of vision. A dual-screen tablet with the right software becomes an excellent study and research device. One screen for the item being studied, and one for notes. That's just one use that many people could get from something like this.
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