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News Microsoft's Upcoming Surface Go 2 Could Arrive With Outd Amber Lake CPUs

Aug 10, 2019
ARM makes so much more sense here than for the Pro X. Maybe needing x86 emulation, and Qualcomm's pretense to being ready for the high end, pushed MS to getting a beefier chip and so a pricier device.

ARM is still in the period where it's making big strides each gen. I suspect the right Surface gets built eventually, once folks who aren't QC can license some huge-core ARM IP and fab it on a good process, so you get cheap ARM chips that can take on cheap x86 ones in computer-y settings. It is somewhat disappointing right now 'cause all the parts are there, but haven't quite been put together the ideal way.

I'm sure more things get ported, too. MS being a cloud provider, I wonder a bit about ARM devices streaming huge apps (Visual Studio, games, etc.) run remotely as another way to sidestep their legacy troubles.


Jul 14, 2007
Erm do people really care about this right now? If I was most major tech corporations I'd be shelving a lot of these types of product.

Cheap, cheerful and repairable will be the future for a while.