Question Microstuttering/lag, any ideas why?

Aug 7, 2019

I have a really annoying problem with my PC, it lags/microstutter in several games, like CS:GO, WoW, Dead Island and specially Apex Legends.
And in Apex the game crashes from time to time too, in CS the fps is unstable and when it's stable it just feels like stuttering. And I even play with 1024 with super low settings, in Apex I run 1080p but with low settings there too, even my friend with a less powerful pc gets more fps out of it.

Here's my setup:
8700K (haven't OCed it)
Gigabyte Aorus Gaming K3
Corsair LPX 3000Mhz
KFA2 1080
Samsung 850 Evo
EVGA Supernova G2 750W
Windows 10 x64
Asus VG278QR 165Hz

I have Captain 240 liquid cooling, the cpu is never above 80c and GPU has never been above 82c.

The GPU driver is updated, hz on windows is set to 165hz as well.
It's funny because not all games lag, games like BF3/4 and even Metro Exodus, which is pretty demanding on the pc, didn't lag.

I've probably forgotten something here, but this is my current situation.

Any help, tips and tricks is very much welcome.

Thank you in advance and sorry for my poor english.

ok, so for those drivers giving issue, see if you can go to device manager and update the drivers for those affected devices? that usually fixes it for me when I have latency issues, some driver is wrong version (too new or too old) and you can just focus on the ones causing most lag and work backward

do the Main test and look at the latencies of each driver under the driver tab
USBPORT.SYS is a big culprit usually
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Aug 7, 2019
This is what LM is telling me, can it be RAM problems? Tried to find a solve to these .sys and .exe but can't seem to find it :/