Question Minecraft causes whole computer to freeze + unresponsive. Possible driver problem?

Sep 22, 2019
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I recently built a PC for my brother, specs below. It was a suprisingly difficult build, with problems at seemingly every stage. I could give a breakdown of each problem, and how I eventually fixed it (in case one of those issues is more significant than I thought) but it would be a VERY long post. I thought I'd post just the most recent issues instead.

The computer would freeze and become completely unresponsive aprox 30s after logging in. I looked through the error logs in event viewer, but I couldn't seem to find the cause of the freeze. Booting in safe mode didn't cause the crash, so I assumed it was a startup item. Onedrive Setup seemed to be the culprit, and disabling it from startup seemed to fix the issue.

I installed Minecraft (Java edition, NOT "bedrock" version aka windows 10 version) and he played it for a few days, before the latest version (1.14) started to cause a similar "complete freeze with no significant error report" problem. Other versions of minecraft work fine, but not this latest version. I did a complete fresh install of Windows 10, on the assumption he must have installed something dodgy or fiddled with some settings. Upon the re-install, I was met with the same onedrive problem as before, so I disabled it from startup items again.

However, minecraft 1.14 still causes the computer to crash. Minecraft itself doesn't seem to be producing any error reports, presumably because the application itself never has the opportunity to properly crash, as the whole system crashes first instead. I have tried all of the following:

  • Reinstalled minecraft several times, no change
  • Installed other versions of minecraft, which work perfectly without crashes.
  • Updated graphics card drivers, no change (although possible issue with drivers - more detail below)
  • Installed anti virus software and ran full scan (Tried two: Bitdefender and Malwarebytes. Neither found anything dodgy)

The graphics card driver possible issue: I used the application Driver Easy to update all the drivers, and it seems unable to install the "latest" Nvidia Graphics driver (version________). It displays that it is a possible update, but the application can't seem to install it. I went to the Nvidia website and downloaded the exact same driver, and tried to install it manually, but I got an error (__). Additionally, the Nvidia driver tool seems to think that I already have the optimal driver installed (version _). My first instinct would be to say that this driver is the problem, but if it is I can't understand why one version of a game works perfectly, and another doesn't at all - and why would the game work fine on a previous install, but now doesn't work at all even with a fresh install? Also, how on earth can I get the proper driver to install, if that IS the problem?

I thought perhaps my Java version was old, but apparently Minecraft comes with the correct version of java packaged so you no longer need to install it separately. At this point, I'm at a loss for what to do. Does anyone have any advice? Is there a way I can force the PC to produce more thorough error logs? Can anyone help me to decipher what the error logs mean? Is the graphics card driver incongruity the cause, and if so what can I do to get the proper driver?

Computer Specs:

CPU: Intel core i7-9700K
Motherboard: MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon AC
GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 OC 6Gb
RAM: Corsair Vengance RGB Pro DDR4 3000MHz 2x 8Gb
SSD: Samsung 970 Evo Plus M2
HDD: Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM010 1Tb
PSU: EVGa SuperNOVA 550 G2 550W
Software: Windows 10 Home edition
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Likely some bug in Minecraft 1.14 that causes an issue with Windows or some installed driver.

Especially if that is, indeed, the only installed version where the problem occurs.

Try installing drivers by going to the applicable manufacturer's websites to download, reinstall, and reconfigure the drivers. Forego any third party tools such as Driver Easy.

Look in Reliability History for red or yellow icons that occur at the time of the freezes, etc.. Reliability History is more user friendly and may be capturing some issue.

Run the built in Windows 10 troubleshooters. They may find and fix something.

From the command prompt run "sfc /scannow" (without quotes). That may resolve some bug or file corruption.


Lastly use either Task Manager or Resource Monitor to observe system performance. First while not gaming and then while gaming (playing Minecraft). You may discover some resource that is being fully consumed and consequently crashing the system.