Minecraft server. Please compare following specs:



Id like to get some input comparing the following. (Im not looking for money saving advice, or any different hardware advice, Its a strict choice between the following, because of personal reasons - availability)
Currently the server is on Dual Xeons E5620s 20GB Ram. (2.4Ghz)
Im looking to change to Single Xeon E3 1280 16GB Ram. (3.5Ghz)
I barely use 12GB max on my server so Ram shouldnt be an issue.
Im just curious about the CPU change. Would it be a decrease in performance or an increase in performance? Seeing as minecraft cant really take advantage of dual Cpus im assuming i would see a performance boost going to the new E3 1280 sandy bridge. Input please?
Ps: I run on a 1gbit/1gbit port so bandwith is no issue.


Jun 16, 2011
Both are good and you should switch to the single
Mine is run off 2GB and 3.2Ghz with 20 ppl at max no1 still complain about lag [i ask alot]

The server only uses around 800 -1GB ram so your server must be massive for it to use 12GB