Question Mini Itx case build with silence in mind?


Aug 2, 2006
Im looking for the smallest mini itx case build with silence in mind. That has a optical drive and can fit a full sized psu and graphics card.
And needs to have built in filters
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Feb 11, 2015
You can do a custom watercooling loop in a small case to keep the noise down to a minimum. I think the optical drive requirement is a bit of a challenge.

I have a Cougar QBX with an i7-8700k+AIO and a 2080 ti with a triple fan cooler and the rig runs about 7dB above ambient while gaming, although I did cut out all grills and put wire grills for better airflow. I am not using any filters. I found that the bottom filter included with the case completely restricted airflow. The QBX does support an optical drive, but it has to be a slot loader.

*Actually, the QBX supports a full-size PSU but it will be in the way of a full length GPU so you can't have both. I use an SFX-L psu so the triple fan GPU can fit. I believe it might work if the PSU is a "short" ATX psu
Mar 21, 2019
I'd get (and I have) an NCASE M1 that can take either an ATX power supply with a short GPU, or an SFX power supply with a full length GPU. The Corsair SF750 is silent below 300 watts (the fan waits to turn on). I currently have an SF750 in my Cerberus X. You can install filters easily enough in the M1. It accepts a vertical slot loading drive behind the front cover. Works great.
To me the glaring "you gotta be kidding" roadblock is the GRAPHIC CARD, I assume you are talking about an GPU card for gaming? These things generates lots of heat = big fan = big heatsink = big noise.

You are asking, I want a car which can carry lots of people, and btw, can turn in a dime like a race car.

U find one, let me know.


Case: Cooler Master - Elite 130 Mini ITX Tower Case ($49.99 @ Amazon)
Case: Thermaltake - Core X1 Mini ITX Tower Case ($97.75 @ Amazon)
That's about it for halfway decent mITX with optical. The X1 may not look like much, but being fully modular, you can build the case to suit your build ideas, not a case designers restrictions.

Without optical I'd say the nzxt H200/200i or Phanteks Enthoo Evolv mITX.

You get silent(ish) performance by using silent(ish) performance fans, coupled with some thin, cheap foam you can get at any hobby/sewing type store and some 3M '77 spray adhesive.

You also get silent from using the absolute largest cpu cooler possible. If the cpu can't heat the cooler very hot, the fans won't spin fast. Low rpm = low volume. I'd be looking at a 360mm mm rad up top, maybe having to use a slim fan above the optical bay, not sure on clearance up there. The bonus being that the rad also doubles as exhaust. Maybe stick 2x 200mm up top and a 120mm/140mm at rear with a Noctua NH-D15S. Tons of airflow, slow moving fans.
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