Question Mini itx case Thermaltake core v1 vs Node 304

Jun 20, 2019
Hello, what do you think is better choice for mini itx build in terms of "good enough cooling" but mainly quietness? Thermaltake core v1 or Fractal design node 304 . Thermaltake has 200mm fan and is also less than half the price of fractal. My build is 3700x (preferably i would like to use stock cooler, which is very quiet in my current case define r5). Gpu is rx 580gb 8gb (smaller version will fit in both cases). Mobo is GIGABYTE B450 I AORUS PRO WIFI with updated bios. I do not plan to do anything crazy with pc. Just photo editing, maybe video editing in the future ( no gaming). I do need mobility therefore i choose mini itx. Thank you


I wouldn't go for either case in this day and age. Primarily because the Node 304 is dated and is geared more towards NAS/home server enclosures. The Thermaltake case, is better with airflow but the exhaust area is lackluster.

I'd suggest you look at a smaller footprint case or a larger case that accepts ATX componentry for future upgrades, like the Fractal Nano S or the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv itx.
Itx cases are always a problem from heat with hot gaming components.
The reviews I have seen of the TU150 seem to be quite good.
One can always increase the rpm of fans at the cost of noise.
If you have a choice, use a more efficient gpu than a rx580.
A GTX1660 will be a bit stronger and need less power.