Mini Toolbar Is Not Displayed On Selection in MS Word 2013

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MS Word 2013 is a popular text editor. The new version contains improved GUI (Graphical User Interface), while the overall functionality remains undisturbed. MS Word is comparatively stable and has new features added to the legacy MS Word package.

When you are working on a document, you will surely change the text size, color, font-style and other designing attributes. The mini toolbar that appears when you select a part of the text makes the task quite easy. This feature of MS Word lubricates the formatting and organizing procedure and helps in winding up your task easily and swiftly.

While working in MS Word, sometimes the mini toolbar disappears when you select some text on the document. This may be caused by the user’s accidental actions which may have changed the settings from the Word’s settings page. Sometimes a corrupt or incompatible software could also be the reason for the altered settings. If you are also not able to view the mini toolbar in your MS Word, there is no need to get worried. Just follow the below described procedure to resolve the issue:

[listNum=1]■Initialize the MS Word application from the start menu using any account.

■On the interface window, select FILE from the menu tabs.

■On Word’s information and settings page, click on Options.


■On the Word Options box that appears, select General category situated in the left pane.

■Under the User Interface Options section, check the checkbox saying Show Mini Toolbar on selection.


■Click OK to save the changes.
You can restart your MS Word application so that the changes may take effect. When editing a document, mini toolbar will again be displayed upon selection of any part(s) of the document.

Apart from this, sometimes the entire ribbon also gets hidden, and you are unable to use it. You can only view the menu that is present above the ribbon showing ‘HOME’, ‘INSERT’, and ‘DESIGN’, etc.

This is because the toolbar is accidentally or deliberately made hidden. So you will have to follow these steps to resolve this small issue.

[listNum=1]■On the MS Word interface window, click on HOME from the menu tabs.


■On the toolbar ribbon that appears, click on the small Pin symbol situated at the bottom right side of the ribbon.

This will pin the ribbon again and make it permanently visible. These steps will resolve your issues, and MS Word can be used normally again.
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