Question Minimum processor state in power plan


Aug 5, 2019
Hi All,

What will the minimum processor state do if we set to 5% in balanced power plan(Which is already set)

Will the CPU lower the Power & Voltage to 5% when its Idle?

Will it affect under heavy load. I heard setting the 5% min state will affect the performance regardless of 100% max processor state?

Will minimum processor state will be active when CPU will be under load for heavy application?

And in High/Ultimate power plan, Why the CPU min state is set to 100% by default.

Will power and voltage always be at 100% if the CPU is at idle?

I just want to know in details. When should we set min processor 5% and 100%? In which scenario? Do we really need min processor state to 100% (even while playing games)

I guess it will increase just electricity bill regardless of no performance boost
At Maximum CPU power state, 100% enables it to boost frequency as far as it would go. At 99% it typically limits CPU to it's Base frequency (no boost). Lowering that value progressively lowers top frequency CPU can achieve.
Minimum Power state determines how high frequency can be lowered (typically at idle).
Neither setting affects the other.
"Power" is a bit of misnomer in this case, neither setting actually and directly changes electrical (in Amperes) power available to CPU (that's job for BIOS) but it's indirect result of CPU frequency. At each frequency step, CPU draws certain voltage and Amperes required to run at as determined by it's algorithm.