Question Missing disks: BIOS shows SATA device not present on Asus TUF X570-plus

Mar 14, 2020
I'm building a system with these new components:
ASUS TUF Gaming X570 plus
AMD Ryzen 3900X
OLOY DDR4 32GM RAM 3200MHz (2 Dimms)
Intel SSD (boot drive with OS, not new)
HGST mechanical hard drive (storage, not new)

I have a fresh install of windows on my ssd, plugged into SATA port 1 on the motherboard. This is the only sata device detected in BIOS.

- If I try to connect my 2nd Hard drive to SATA port 2, BIOS shows it as 'not present'.

- If I try to connect my 2nd Hard drive to SATA port 1 (removing the ssd), it shows 'not present'.

The hard drive that shows as not present is spinning so I know its getting power. It is a known good drive that was detected on my previous build yesterday. If I l connect both drives and boot to windows, the 2nd hard drive does appear in disk management. The 2nd drive does not have windows installed on it and was used as a storage device by windows previously without issue.

relevant BIOS settings:
Launch CSM enabled
Fast Boot disabled (I tried both enabled as well)
I updated BIOS from flash drive, the problem was present before and after the update
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Mar 14, 2020
test the 2nd hdd on the old build?
I plugged things into the old motherboard/cpu combo and this is what I found:
My "known good" HDDs are no longer detected by the old system either. Somehow they are no longer functional since I did this build yesterday.

In total I have 5 hard drives, 1 SSD (with OS) and 4 HDDs. On the first bootup of the new build I had the SSD and 3 HDDs connected. The new build didn't startup the first time and had to clear CMOS with the jumper, then I did the fresh windows install. The 3 HDDs that were connected at that time are no longer able to be detected by either system. The 1 HDD that was not detected is still able to be detected by both systems.

So I must conclude that somehow my 3 HDDs were destroyed/corrupted by that initial failed bootup? I'm not sure how to repair or recover data on a disk that is not able to be detected in BIOS...

1 of the HDDs was my main storage, another one was a backup of that drive. Seems like in 1 failed bootup I might have lost the last 8 years of hard drives...