Question Mixed metals question


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I think the question was mostly around galvanic corrosion occurring with aluminum components being in a fluid with a charged field which also contains copper and brass. This can cause buildup of corrosion on components if there is not some form of anti-corrosive additive or coolant...and in many cases, just decreases the amount.

This looks like a DDC clone/ripoff pump, so uncertain how well it is built or to what standards. It is possible it is very well built, but difficult to know.


The aluminum portion is likely meaning the pump body and heatsink, but not necessarily the internals where the coolant would contact, such as the acrylic top and the impeller (guess it actually says it is PMMA). I would imagine the interior where the impeller sits is some sort of plastic such as delrin or acetal poly compound...that dense plastic stuff used in a lot of high-impact and industrial components. I would imagine there isn't much that is coming into contact with the actual aluminum of the housing, but this one line concerns me: Material: Top Cover PMMA + Armor Aluminum Anode

Not sure what this defines - whether it is the pump housing or something else.