Mobile 3470 vs 3200 (I think i just got screwed)

Hi guys just got the wifes lappy it was advertised as having a 3470 graphics chip 256 dedicated ram but when it was setting itself up i noticed it said its a 3200 with hyper memory up to 1 gb.
How badly have i been screwed and how pissed should i be when i get back to the shop. :fou:

Mactronix :)


Jan 11, 2008
wow man,

that sounds as a shop here in belgium. they even advertise intel logo's when they sell AMD.

grtz, just fight with words :p


Aug 2, 2008
When I bought my laptop a couple of years ago, it was advertised with a Geforce 7200 and 256MB of VRAM. It turned out to only have 32MB of dedicated. HP was glad to accept it for a return and let me configure another. By that time, they'd already moved to the Geforce 8xxx series, so I got an 8400M GS. It only has 64MB of dedicated VRAM, but it's GDDR3 and works well for me.

If yours is completely by hypermemory, I'd be pretty upset. But remember that it's a laptop, so it won't be a real gaming machine anyway. If it's really a 3200 instead of 3470, I'd be very pissed off. Although, if you aren't doing any graphic intensive stuff, it probably won't matter too much.

If want to game at all, you need a discrete graphics card and at least 128MB of GDDR3 dedicated memory. Good luck.
Oh i am very pissed off alright i spent about a month specing it up, its not configured its just taken most of my time up when not at work looking around shops and on websites and to be honest as advertised it was perfect for what the wife wanted. Web games/surfing and playing the Sims 1-2 and 3 hopefully.
Now i get the bloody thing home and when its configured itself it proudly displays that it has infact got a graphics chipset that as far as i have been able to find out is about 35% worse that the one i was expecting.
I dont think they have anything close to what they said it was in the shop either so it looks like getting a refund and starting all over again


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