Question Mobile datas to pc unstable

Nov 27, 2020
Hello good night, I am new so I do not understand much of the page. About a week ago I bought a usb to be able to pass internet from my cell phone (mobile data) to the pc, since the wifi is very slow, well I connected everything, I opened minecraft and it worked perfect, 190-220 ping (I am from Argentina ), well I was playing like that for a week, without uploads or any ping, today I wanted to play again but I noticed that I started with a 2000 ping, I said weird, the cell phone signal was fine, after a while it went down to 180, it stayed like that, but when I went to a war the ping went up too much, more less than 2000, 3000, I tried changing dns from the pc, trying to update drivers, but it remains the same, it is not only in that server, but in most I notice a ping lag, if you could help me, I would appreciate it.
Unfortunately with any wireless signal, almost any interference from anywhere can cause problems like this. Not to mention the issue can be with your isp. In either case, it is not possible for you to do anything to change these except use a wired connection.